Our market in Charleston going into spring 2017 is very much a sellers market. Our inventory level remains around 4700 homes, a year ago we had 1,000 more available. When you take out proposed construction and homes under construction it drops to 3842, that's for 4 counties. We have an inventory shortage which is driving prices up. I've had several buyers already this year that have been involved in multiple offers on homes. It's like a poker game at that point, you don't know what the other party or parties are bidding. One thing you need to ask yourself, do I really want this house? If you do let your agent know and decide what your best offer should be. I've learned a lot over the last few years, sometimes it's not just the price. For a couple of my clients offering the seller flexibility on the closing date made the difference. You need to look at the situation from the sellers point of view and try to find what may matter to them. Be sure you have a good agent who will think outside the box.